Nico Opper Productions

"Like the best documentarians, Opper knows how to listen, watch, wait, and build a picture as close to her subjects' points of view as can ever be achieved by an outsider setting up shop in a private home." - The Village Voice



Kristan was living on a dairy farm in New Jersey. Nicole (now “Nico”) was living on a goat farm in Mexico 2,500 miles away. This was when fate decided they should meet, even though they had both spent their twenties living and working within a mile of each other in New York City. Eventually, they packed their bags and their dog, Rocky, rented a U-haul, and camped across America with their sights set on the Golden Gate Bridge. When they arrived, they found unicorns jumping over rainbows and the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus lined up to sing them a welcome song. They knew they had discovered their home.

Not much later they started to think about expanding their family. Both Kristan and Nicole had always thought about adoption, and after much deliberation, they decided they wanted to adopt through the US foster care system. There are over 415,000 kids in foster care nationwide, and over 108,000 in need of adoptive homes. So they signed up with a local agency, and THE F WORD is the story of what happened next.